If you have been injured in an accident, the last thing you should be worried about are insurance companies.

Our office works on a “contingency” fee basis. That means we only make a fee if we get a recovery for you. If you don’t receive money, we don’t receive money, and you owe us nothing for our legal services or expenses. We will thoroughly investigate any facts showing that the other party is at fault for your injuries, getting witness statements and photos, if possible. We will contact any and all relevant insurance companies, monitor your medical treatment, and gather your accident-related medical records and bills.

While you are going through medical treatment, if any of your outstanding medical bills are going into collection, we will send the medical providers letters asking them to hold off on collection until after the claim is resolved. This step helps to preserve your credit rating and stops bill collectors from harassing you.

After you are done with treatment, we will gather all records, reports, and bills and draft a “demand letter” setting forth the facts and summarizing the evidence of your case, submit it to the other party’s insurance company and negotiate with the at-fault insurer to settle the claim short of filing suit, if possible.


  • Fees only if you get a recovery
  • Thorough investigation of facts
  • Helps delay medical bill collections
  • Potential for settlement, mediation or trial
  • Peace of mind

If we are unable to resolve the claim to your satisfaction, we will file a lawsuit against all at-fault parties, and will vigorously pursue the suit until it is resolved through settlement, mediation, or trial. If and when the suit is resolved in your favor, we will deduct our fees and expenses, and negotiate to reduce your outstanding medical bills in order to increase the net amount of your settlement or award. The net amount you receive is tax-free.

“When my loved one was tragically killed and I needed someone to turn to, David not only helped me make a recovery, but also helped me straighten out my life. He wasn’t just a good attorney, he was a good friend.”
— Gary D. —