Fox Baltimore

A woman who was charged with animal cruelty in Baltimore has died of liver disease and her attorney says her health deteriorated after not receiving appropriate medical attention in Central Booking.

Sharon Mulcahy was charged with nine counts of animal cruelty June 1 after leaving her two dogs in a car parked at a hotel in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore. One of the dogs was deceased by the time law enforcement arrived at the scene nearly 20 hours later, the other survived and was treated for severe dehydration.

Mulcahy was arrested and taken to Central Booking where, according to her attorney, she sat in poor health for three days with a bond of one million dollars. The 90-pound, 5’3” woman had no prior criminal record and the judge dropped the bail after 3 days, releasing her into her own recognizance. On June 26 Mulcahy lapsed into a coma and died.

According to statements from her attorney, Mulcahy had tried to check in to the Best Western while on her way to visit her mother, when her “bowels” began to overflow. The hotel attendant allegedly told Mulcahy that her two poodles were not allowed inside. The woman checked into the hotel, leaving her dogs in the car and fell asleep in the room.

“Her intention was to go into the hotel room for an hour or two just to lay down and hopefully feel better,” her attorney said. Mulcahy was woken when law enforcement arrived at the scene and arrested her.

“I’ve had a board certified emergency room physician review this case who has advised that had Mrs. Mulcahy received the appropriate medical care at the time she was taken into custody that she would be alive today,” the attorney said.

The charges against Mulcahy were dropped Tuesday morning and her family wants the record expunged.