Congressman Andy Harris’ Office Issues Subpoenas
Baltimore Attorney David Ellin Discusses On FOX 45 News

Four months after a FIRST ON FOX investigation revealed the Inspector General was collecting information on the workings of the Maryland Health Exchange, his office has issued subpoenas into the operation of the health insurance website, according to Congressman Andy Harris.

“The Office of Inspector General has moved this from an audit into a full-blown investigation,” Congressman Andy Harris said in an emailed statement on Tuesday. “The investigation has included the issuing of subpoenas.” Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Maryland received $180 million from the federal government to develop and implement a Health Insurance Exchange. As part of the OIG’s investigation, inspectors plan to uncover whether the state complied with award requirements, used funds as intended and if proper procurement was used to develop and implement the health insurance exchange. Most importantly, inspectors want to determine if money was misspent, and whether it should be paid back.

“I called for the audit of the Maryland exchange because tens of millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted, and those who wasted them should be held accountable,” Harris said. “Now we know that fraud may have occurred and subpoenas have been issued. Lt. Gov. Brown was in charge of the exchange, and it appears fraud may have gone on under his watch. Those who wasted and abused taxpayer money, including politicians, must be held accountable.”

The Brown-Ulman campaign has issued the following statement, “It’s disappointing that Congressman Harris would mislead the people of Maryland and play political games with a federal investigation, but it is clear that the Republicans will say anything to achieve their extreme right-wing agenda. Neither the Lt. Governor nor anyone in his office has received any communication or requests from the office of the Inspector General or any other federal agency.”

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