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Color Guidelines

Pantone Reflex Blue C-100 M-93 Y-14 K-12 R-0 G-22 B-137 #001689
Pantone 201 C-24 M-99 Y-78 K-18 R-163 G-33 B-54 #A32136

Approved Fonts

  • Preferred Serif Fonts: Arno Pro Semibold and Arno Pro Regular
  • Preferred Sans-Serif Fonts: Roboto Bold and Roboto Regular
  • Alternate Serif Fonts: Times New Roman Bold and Times New Roman Regular
  • Alternate Sans-Serif Fonts: Arial Bold and Arial Regular

Clear Space

A space equal to the height of the letter N in the word “ELLIN” should be observed around the perimeter of the mark.