David Ellin, Founder

David served as a Baltimore City Assistant State’s Attorney in the Felony Narcotics Unit before turning his attention and talent towards fighting for injured victims and the families of victims hurt or killed by someone else’s negligence.  Since entering private practice he’s recovered tens of millions of dollars for his clients.  In his 23+ years in practice, he has participated in major medical negligence cases in MD, PA, DE, VA, NC, FL, and DC.

2009 — 2021

Practice Areas

  • Auto Accidents and Personal Injury
    If you have been injured in an accident, the last thing you should be worried about are insurance companies. The Law Office of David Ellin will thoroughly investigate any facts showing that the other party is at fault for your injuries, getting witness statements and photos, if possible.
  • Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death
    The Law Office of David Ellin team has extensive experience representing clients on a wide variety of medical malpractice and negligence claims. We will mobilize our full resources to enlist the assistance of top medical specialists throughout the United States to forcefully and effectively communicate your case to a jury if it is tried.
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In Memoriam

Marvin Ellin, attorney dubbed ‘maestro of malpractice torts,’ dies
Marvin Ellin, a retired Baltimore attorney once described as the “maestro of medical malpractice torts,” died of a respiratory ailment Jan. 8 at Greenfield Senior Living in Cockeysville. The former Glyndon resident was 92. (Dave Harp / Baltimore Sun)  READ MORE >